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Yoga Small Classes in Beckenham, Bromley, West Wickham and South East London

Yoga is not just about the pose, it is about living with yoga.

Yoga Beginners (Small Group) 6 Week Course

Starting on Wednesday 20th June 2018 at 7.45-8.45pm, Beckenham
New to yoga or only practised a few times in a large impersonal class? My small group class means I can give individual one-to-one attention to all my students, focussing on alignment and breath.
You are never too stiff, told old or too weak to do yoga. By coming to my class for 6 weeks you will find yourself more grounded, more focused and stronger. Do not wait to step into your best SELF.

Regular Small Classes

Hatha Yoga 11.00-12.00, Wickham Hall, Sussex Rd, West Wickham BR4 0JX.
For beginners and for people with minor mobility contraints who prefer practising deeper stretches supported by chairs, wall and yoga props. For block bookings please contact me.

Pregnancy Yoga 6.30pm-7.30pm, Beckenham.
Pregnancy yoga is for all pregnant women at all stages except before 12 weeks. This class is here to support you and empower you during the pregnancy. 

Yoga Flow 19.15-20.30, Wickham Hall, Sussex Rd, West Wickham BR4 0JX.
A theme-centred Yoga, focusing on alignment, connecting with our heart and flowing through our breath. Learn how to use yoga practice in your daily life. For block bookings please contact me.

Yoga Flow 10.30-12.00, Karma Studio, Surrey House, Surrey Road, West Wickham, BR4 0JU.
A theme-centred Yoga, focusing on alignment, connecting with our heart and flowing through our breath. Learn how to use yoga practice in your daily life. For block bookings please contact me.

Block booking terms and conditions:

  • Class size is limited, it will be a 'first come first served' booking policy.
  • You can buy 5 classes and get the 6th free. I would like to encourage commitment, all classes must be taken consecutively, if a class is missed it can be made up at the other class.

Small Group Classes in Beckenham, Bromley, West Wickham and South East London

You daily schedule simply doesn't fit in with any Yoga class timetables. This class is good for friends, neighbours and colleagues. Just arrange the time and place. You can have fun together and get more attention than in a big class.

Corporate Classes in Central London

More and more employers understand the benefits of yoga for their employees. It has been shown that yoga reduces their stress and increases their concentration. Please contact me for corporate classes.

How I teach

I have been practicing yoga for many years in various styles. When I first started I thought that yoga was just about perfecting a pose. That was until I met an Anusara yoga teacher Bridget who inspired me to practice yoga in a different way - now I feel space and freedom in my body. I love yoga. It is the moment I spend time with myself and connect with my inner body. It is also the way I express myself through the body.

After my teacher training, I realized yoga is not only about the perfect yoga poses. It is also about placing our physical body into alignment, to connect with our heart, observing our inner body, mind and energy and experiencing stillness and freedom of the body. As a result, you will find inner peace and essence of the self.

Combining all the knowledge of the practice of yoga, I teach from my heart following the 5 Universal Principles. I create a theme which inspires me in life. Themes have the potential to take you to the very heart of the yoga practice, allowing us to reflect inside and see ourselves more fully. These can touch our heart, even long after we leave our mats. You will be practising yoga with awareness. Then, you will gradually build up your strength and consciousness. This is one of the ways to 'knowing' your body, mind and spirit.

I currently teach small groups in the Beckenham, Bromley and Orpington areas and can also provide one-to-one sessions.

Yoga Workshops in Beckenham, Bromley, West Wickham and South East London

Align & Refine Chaturanga Workshop

Sunday, June 10th 10:00-12:00, Beckenham email or call to book.
Weather permitting, outdoors. Small group £30.

Yoga for a Healthy Lower Back Workshop

Sunday, June 24th 13:30-15:30. Karma Studio, West Wickhamemail or call to book.
£30, pre-registration and payment required.

Summer Solstice Restorative and Reiki Workshop

Sunday, June 24th 15:45-17:45. email or call to book.
£30, pre-registration and payment required.

Yin-Yang Workshop Works with Chinese Meridian-Heart

Friday, July 13th 19.00-21:00. Beckenhamemail or call to book.
Small group £30.

Core Strength Yoga Workshop

Sunday, July 15th 10.00-12.00. Beckenham email or call to book.
Weather permitting, outdoors. Small group £30.

Autumn Equinox Restorative Yoga and Reiki Workshop

Sunday, September 23rd 15.45-17.45. Karma Studio, West Wickham email or call to book.
£30, pre-registration and payment required.

Winter Restorative Yoga and Reiki Workshop

Sunday, December 2nd 15.45-17.45. Karma Studio, West Wickham email or call to book.
£30, pre-registration and payment required.

1-1 Yoga in Beckenham, Bromley, West Wickham and South East London

There are different reasons for people to come to private yoga sessions. As a beginner, you may have a degree of self-consciousness in a group, you may want to deepen your practice or you may want a practice-time that suits you. Whatever the reasons, we will work together to create the class tailored to your needs.

Please email or call to discuss your needs.

Autumn Yoga Weekend Retreat

West Lexham Manor, 14-16th September 2018

Join Antonia and Hsin in this Autumn Yoga Retreat, where you will be able to deepen your practice and move through this time of change with patience, perseverance and strength.

Autumn is a season of transition, moving us through the dissolution of the old form towards transformation. As we prepare towards the Autumn Equinox, it is the time to celebrate everything that has come before, and the fruits of all our efforts, as well as embracing the dissolution of anything that is holding us back. As the days get shorter and colder, it’s important to slow down and be mindful of how we preserve, increase and channel our energy effectively.

Often the process of drawing our focus inwards and the process of dissolution can feel unsettling and cause feelings of anxiety or fear. However, if we are a strong vessel we can hold these feelings, understand their power, allow them to move through us and let them transform us. The deeper we move towards the darkness and wisdom within, the more we can shine through with strength and confidence.

Through this time of the year we are invited to reassess all aspects of ourselves and our lives and align more truthfully, consciously and effectively with our intentions. During our weekend together we will allow time for dynamic practices as well as for restorative practices that will support you in your journey towards increasing your physical and inner strength.

About Antonia

Antonia is passionate about constantly growing both as a student and teacher and has attended several teacher trainings. Her classes emphasise optimal alignment, through which students can cultivate great freedom and strength, openness and steadiness, playfulness and mindfulness. Antonia’s intention is to serve her students and support them create a deep transformation in their body, mind and heart.


Throughout this retreat we are inviting you to listen to your body and honour its needs. Our aim is to make you feel nourished, calm, grounded and create space in your mind and heart. Although we encourage you to participate in all our sessions together, we also understand that the schedule might be a little intense if you need time to rest. We’d rather you do what you truly need, rather than feeling obliged to attend all sessions. 

16.00- Arrival
17.30-19.30- Asana Practice
19.30-20.30- Dinner
20.30-21.00- Meditation
7.00-8.00- Morning Meditation, Pranayama, Chanting
8.00-9.00- Breakfast
10.30-12.30 Asana Practice
12.30-13.30- Lunch
15.00-16.00 Afternoon Tea
17.30-19.30- Asana Practice
19.30-20.30- Dinner
20.30-21.30 Yoga Nidra
7.00-8.00- Morning Meditation, Pranayama, Chanting
8.00-9.00- Breakfast
10.30-12.30- Asana Practice
12.30-13.30- Lunch
15.30-17.00- Closing practice
17.00-18.00 Afternoon Tea
18.00- Departure

How to get there

West Lexham is in Norfolk to the east of Kings Lynn. The nearest town is Swaffham, to the South. It is close to rail and coach stops, and we strongly recommend coming here by public transport rather than driving, as there are plenty of easy links.

The nearest train station is Downham Market. Trains run from London Kings Cross to Downham Market every hour and every half hour at certain peak times. Journey times are approximately 1h 25m. Network Railcards give you a 1/3 off fares. If you are taking more than one train journey in the South of England or are travelling in a group it is well worth investigating it here.

Taxis from Downham Market:
PJ Taxis- 01366 385904 (our taxi partner - from £34 from Downham Market to West Lexham)
Bishops Travel - 01366 324307
From Swaffham:
Platinum Cars- 01760 725366/ 07760 761504
Al's Cabs - 01760 720002
Matt's Cabs - 07882 025209

The address of the West Lexham Manor is:
Nr Kings Lynn
PE32 2QN
Tel:01760 755 602


Prices (per person including yoga, meals and accommodation in the Barn En-suites):
£380 for a triple room
£410 for a double room
EARLY BIRD: £330 triple/ £360 double (book until 2nd of July)
Single rooms available on request. There is a limited availability, so please contact us for more information.
There will be 6 meals provided, all of them vegetarian and freshly prepared. If you have any food intolerances, please let us know and we can modify the menu for you.

Prices include: 4 asana practices 3 meditation sessions Accommodation All meals

What’s not included: Travel to West Lexham Manor


Click here to reserve a space.
Or for more information please email:

Antonia - antoniapantazatou@gmail.com
Hsin - hsin@hsinhealing.com


Who needs counselling?

There are still many people who have misunderstandings about counselling; thinking only people experiencing diagnosable problems seek counselling. the fear of stigmatisation deters individuals from acknowledging their problems and seeking help thus creating unnecessary suffering. if you feel that you are struggling alone with some difficult issues such as change, separation, relationship problems, loss, depression, stress, anxiety or even just simply want to know yourself. then counselling may be of great help. if you want to get heard and understand your deepest concerns, or if you want to feel about yourself and recognise your feelings, then counselling can help.

How I work

I provide a safe, confidential, warm, non-judgmental and supportive environment for you to explore the issues in your life or anything else you would like to talk about. By listening and empathising, I will help you to see things more clearly and help your to look at the different options. I work in a variety of ways to help you to develop your self awareness, to be valued as you are, find your inner strengths and I will guide you to find where you can begin to see your own way; I will lead you to become what you want to be. I draw from different styles to suit your individual needs. These include Person Centered, Gestalt, Psychodrama therapy, Transactional Analysis and Relaxation and Mindfulness techniques. In this journey, the therapeutic relationship is built on mutual trust developed over a period of time. Sometimes you will feel happy, sometimes you will feel pain, fear, anger and sadness. You are encouraged to talk freely to share your feelings, thoughts, behaviour patterns and dreams with me. You are also encouraged to reflect on what is on your mind. I will go through this process with you with all my support. Our first session is to see if we are able to work together, if yes, then we will arrange further appointments.


What is Reiki?

Reiki opens the self to new levels of awareness and is a powerful transformational tool for personal growth. Reiki seeks to help each individual find balance and harmony in the body, mind and spirit.

Reiki is really an exceptional tool that enables you to get a sense of our true essence.

Reiki-life force energy is an amazing and powerful energy system with spiritual practices that can be learnt by anyone and be used in a range of ways. It is the way to supply the lack of human energy from universal energy and accelerates self-healing. It is hands-on healing to support all levels of our being, including body, mind and spirit.

During the Reiki healing session, you lie on a couch fully clothed, I will place my hands on or near you depending on you and let energy flow from my hands to you. I also provide distance Reiki healing and courses in Reiki levels 1, 2 and Master.

Everyone has a different reaction from Reiki, some people may feel very relaxed even fall asleep. Some may feel heat or tingling, some may see colours and feel somehow emotional. Some aches and pains may come to the surface. This is all perfectly normal.

About Me

I graduated with an MA in Humanistic Approach Counseling from Nottingham University. My dissertation involved interviewing a shamanic healer. Since then I have tuned concepts learnt from Shamanism into my Counselling work.

I was drawn to learn Reiki first and then became a Reiki master. I have passionately continued my journey to develop my awareness and grow spiritually.

My first degree is in social work. Before I came to England, I was a student counselor at a high school for 2 years and used to lead youth summer camps and 921 earthquake trauma workshops in Taiwan.

I have also worked in London for three years at the Chinese Mental Health Association where I was a freelance counselor, working with people who have gambling problems, depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, relationship issues, obsessive behaviour, bipolar, cross culture issues and life issues in general. I am now also a yoga teacher.

I tune my ability as a practitioner across many interrelated disciplines. This has enabled me to experience profound personal growth and given me the passions of my life.


Sue - October 2017

I joined Hsin's with some trepidation as I have back, shoulder and hip problems. Hsin eased me gently into the class and since attending my flexibility and wellbeing has greatly improved, I feel I have benefited from attending the classes and look forward to going every week.

Fr. Leon - Reiki September 2017

I experienced very deep relaxation which enabled release of spasm and tension in the large muscles of my leg and back. The beneficial effect has lasted for a week and what was at times chronic pain in this area is now just occasional stiffness. I hope a prolonged course of treatment may remedy the problem altogether. Also , I feel a better sense of hope in regaining a general sense of wellbeing. Hsin's guidance has led me to reflect on the important interplay between the physical and emotional aspects of ailments and pain. May you be blessed with joy and peace as your work in healing arts brings blessing to others.

Lewis - Reiki July 2017

After my Reiki session, I felt an #inner peace, a sense of acceptance and happiness, and also as though my senses were heightened. My vision seemed sharper, colours brighter and I felt an ease in regards to time. I was not worrying about anything. I feel good within myself now and a sense of connection. I am listening to my intuition more and also allowing more space within myself. Thank you for our session Hsin.

Elizabeth - October 2016

I've practiced yoga for more than twenty-five years. I can honestly say Hsin is one of the best teachers I've ever had. I can already feel an improvement in my flexibility, posture, strength and muscle tone. Hsin's approach is to stress the importance of doing the little things well, and creating a solid foundation to build upon. Her classes are carefully tailored so all participants can benefit from them—a welcome change to many overcrowded classes offered at leisure centres where less able students are left to their own devices and expected to keep up with everyone else. The body will feel wonderfully stretched, but this is gained safely without the muscle tear and strain that more vigorous styles of aerobic yoga tend to cause.

Jason - September 2016

I've been practicing yoga for 4 years now and have had many teachers but your class is one of the best I have experienced, you are a great teacher.

E.K. - April 2016

I meant to let you know that I really enjoyed Wednesday evening's class – my work is very hectic at the moment (and will be so for a while yet) and I find the class really helps me switch off from the day.

Sophie - May 2016 (Backbend Workshop)

I like the fact that we go back to basics, and being shown so many different ways of getting into backbends, and my back felt lovely when I left. Great workshop.

Alice - April 2016

In the past, I have tried acupuncture and group meditation to bring positive energy into my mind and body. However, it was only when I met Hsin-Yi and she channeled energy into my body that I really managed to feel at peace and completely relaxed. Hsin-Yi has an exceptional empathy, that enables her to be in tune with a person's being. Hsin listened to me, and recommended ways to improve my life beyond Reiki and to strengthen the relationship between my mind and body. I am very thankful for her guidance and help. I won't hesitate to recommend her to those who want to discover the incredible healing power of Reiki, but also who are currently feeling at loss and need help to find their way back.

Allison - April 2016

Hsin is a great teacher. Her teaching goes beyond just the poses and helps you focus on how you can bring your practice into your daily life. She always encourages us to try as strong a pose as we can manage but always shows modifications and doesn't push to do anything beyond what you are capable of on that day

Jennifer - October 2015

I have been practicing yoga for over a decade now, experiencing many different teachers and styles along the way. Without a doubt, Hsin is best instructor I have ever had! Her knowledge, ability and personal instruction have guided me onto a whole other level in my practice.

Katrin - August 2015

As a result of Hsin's instruction, my practise has improved and developed as I have grown stronger and her attitude of listening and being kind to your own body has extended into my daily life. I love going to her classes and I'll continue to for as long as I can!

Yasmin - December 2014

I had the best sleep last night . It was so deep, right until my alarm went off this morning. I usually get up at least twice in the night, most definitely the effects of your nurturing yoga class.

Elizabeth - August 2014

I've been practicing yoga on and off for the last ten years. It was only when I started taking Hsin's class six months ago that I began craving a commitment to yoga and seeing it as much more than a way to exercise and gain flexibility. I have found a much deeper connection to myself through her class. Hsin's classes also challenge you to engage and push your body to get the most out of each pose.

Recently, I booked a private lesson with Hsin as a birthday treat. I appreciated how much she was able to tailor the lesson to my preferences, and really work with me on proper alignment and engagement, which are skills I will be able to use in my home practice. I will definitely be booking more one to one lessons in the future and would recommend both these and her classes to beginners as well as the more advanced.

Jane - March 2014

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Yoga again today - the time just flew with those longer poses - very meditative. I loved it thank you.

Juno - Taiwan, November 2013

I am living in Taiwan. I normally do not sleep well during the night after a fall where I broke my ribs. I was waiting for a shoulder operation at that time. I came to Hsin because of my daughter. I do not know about Reiki, I was in a lot of pain and finding it difficult to move around so I decided to just give it a go. Unexpectedly, after the distance healing, I have had my best sleeping night ever. Furthermore, Hsin can sense exactly which parts of the ribs that I broke and even my old injury to my ankles. She can even sense my deep emotions. I have done Reiki a few times now with Hsin. She senses my personality through healing without me telling her, my pain was reduced and my ribs reovered quickly. I was very impressed with Hsin's Reiki distance healing.

Caroline - Oct 2013

Hsin is wonderfully insightful yoga teacher and I feel that each time I leave her classes my mind is clearer, my body more energised and my spirit more at peace with the world. Her yoga practice is equally challenging, supportive and nurturing for those just beginning or for someone more advanced.

Titta - May 2013

'In various moments of my life I have had Counselling and always thought it worked,only to realised after time that my issues were still there and my problems were unchanged or even bigger. When I started Counselling with Hsin I coulnd't believe how deep and painfull were my issues still but it seemed very easy to trust her with my emotional blockages and talk about it with Hsin. Session after sessions I realised that my awareness of myself was greater and I felt my body and my soul lighter and ligher every time.... I felt for the first time my issues were recognised and addressed and it was a comforting feeling. Hsin guided me every step of the way with her compassionate yet straight guidance. She made me face my emotions and liberated me from my low self esteem that has plagued my life for so long.I have never felt better that now. For the first time in my life I feel amazing after 30 years of self inflicted negative thinking and I am a different,happier human being. I feel lucky and blessed to have met Hsin as I feel without her my life wouldn't be so fantastic today.'

Kate - October 2011

'Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your wonderful Yoga classes... I honestly mean it when I say they are the best I have ever experienced... I wake up on Monday mornings looking forward to them.. Believe me Hsin when I say u really do have a gift.'

Marie - October 2011

'Thank you so much for tonight Hsin. It was amazing and it really felt great to be in peace and take time "out" and forget everything to focus on our body and soul. You feel like family and I feel very lucky to have met positive people like you. You are really talented, and you do give a lot. There's no price for what you give us! Thanks again for your wisdom.'

Francesca - November 2011

I have met Hsin through counselling and my experience has been fantastic. Since my first session I felt that she had a deep and caring understanding of my issues and she was able to clarify a lot of emotional situations that I was experiencing in my life. Her guide has been precious not only for me but also for the people around me, my family and my friends because I was able to feel more confident and certainly more happy.

I also experienced Yoga with Hsin and again it was a one-of a kind experience for me. I have done Yoga before, but never felt better, more energised and elated after a session with her. She brings her light in anything she does.

Michael - Counselling client

I really appreciated the time Hsin had spent with me during the worst time in my life when I suffered from depression. Hsin became my counselor and I had a session with her every week for over two months. I felt a clear mind and much more relaxed after each session. She understood what I thought, felt what I felt, guided me through issues and helped me to find a way out of the complexity. It was an invaluable gift to have such an experiences with her.

Contact Me

Please contact me using the details below.

07796 957678